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Breathe for George Floyd

by Various Artists

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Let him breathe, Let him breathe, Let him breathe, Let him breathe
You dream of better days, but there are better ways to go The right to be afraid, you have the right to buy a new door. Antics can't be explained, turn around and face the floor Yes you should be afraid, be fearful for what's in store Knock knock Cop knock Top notch Cop knock Hit them until they stop, make yourself the gun you know? The bullet and the gun, it's still not enough you know A stunning rearrange, exactly who do you work for? Yes you should be afraid be fearful for what's in store Knock knock Cop knock Top notch Cop knock
Part 1 - Cormac : On "the road" again - that was a reference to Cormac McCarthy. 33, still singing fuck the police while the mark of the beast surrounds me through targeted marketing. Awfully ominous aren't we? I'ma be honest with all of these zombies making a mockery out of humanity.. thinking that a meme is a revolutionary strategy. Please try to dream bigger than a five inch screen. I'll fight & scream Even if they don't hear me. Never wanted to be anything better than anybody. Only want to think up possibilities for everybody getting a little more free but we're still trapped in a prison of debt because of corporate greed. That's gangster shit. Keep most poor while the few stay rich. They tell me "that's how it is" but I want to believe in more than this. Been a captain of a slow sinking ship. Got locked up cuz a motherfucker never snitched. Life can change so quick. Grandpas gone, little brother had a kid. Still singing these songs. Don't know how to quit. They tell me that I got a Peter Pan complex heading to my middle age Not grown yet. If growing up means settling for the least evil in a race between rats. I don't know about that…. I don't know about that. Wish I could take it all back x 2 Part 2 - SxE Youth : Was a straight edge youth with broken noses... watching friends throw away youth through overdoses…. We sang Minor Threat while dad smoked crack in Jersey. We sang Bad Brains PMA. Take It All Back Wish I could take it all back Take It All Back Wish I could take it all back Part 3 - Lion's Mouth : Head in a lions mouth. Oh this silence feels so dumb. We've lost so many times... Wouldn't notice if we won. Feel sorry for me! I am a human, self aware. Please don't ignore me! I am a human. Life's unfair. One by one we'll spill our guts On the floor One by one we'll dry up Children burst into flames on a battlefield somewhere But my insides are numb And I'm struggling to care. Feel sorry for me! I am a human, unprepared. Please just reward me! I am a human! You should care! Part 4 - Failing Our Best : Is anything relevant? Is there anything else worth mentioning? Show me your belief and I'll question it. While they're waiting for Jesus to resurrect... we're stuck in a system that will never represent most of us residents. I'm fucked and a felon. Tough luck. All the debt's piled up to my neck. So what? I'll go a little bit insane with a 9 millimeter to the brain. Every other rap is another bad attempt to redefine pain. Teen angst never left these veins Guess that I can't win if i don't pay. The sting of failure never fades away. But it's all ok….. David Bowie's ghost told me that we could be heroes one day. Been this way since I can remember. Really don't think it'll get much better. 35 candles dripping on a birthday cake and I'm still living like a damn rebel. I don't got a boss…. don't worship any corpse on a cross... never went to temple or mosque…. I barely got a cause but I still pray for the human race in my own way: every word, each song.
Together, we all shine... a little brighter now


This is a compilation of various artists who have united to make a contribution to the memory of George Floyd in the wake of his murder by the Minneapolis Police. We call for justice for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality and systemic racism in the USA and the World.

All proceeds will go to the Justice and Equality Fund which raises funds for multiple organizations to fight racial injustice and police brutality. It is name your own price so please give what you can. All proceeds after Bandcamp fees will go to the Funds listed above. We want the Floyd family and others who are victims of police brutality to know they have overwhelming support. Together we will fight against police brutality, injustice, and racism.

I would like to thank all of the artists who contributed songs to this compilation. This compilation is diverse in the wide range of genres included in the track list and it is representative of the diverse range of people that support this cause and are united to fight against systemic racism and police brutality.

Special thanks to John Lurie, Ceschi Ramos, Conan Neutron, Bex and Pete from The Muffin Heads, MenaceTheDJ, Psychic Graveyard, Deathbomb Arc, and Incentive.


released June 5, 2020

Various Artists

*All Tracks Owned and Copyrighted by the Artists or Labels unless otherwise noted.


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David Breather

David Breather is a solo musical artist, composer, and beatmaker/producer.
The beat behind hip hop duo Test Subjects, half of experimental rock duo Famous Breathers, and responsible for many other solo and collaborative sonic deviations.

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